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I'm working on it. And by it, I mean everything.


Season 9 of Criminal Minds just vanished from Netflix. What am I supposed to do with my nights now!? How does one study French without a high suspense crime thriller in the background? It better be to fix the weird audio/video syncing issues I noticed and not for good because I was so close to being done.

I have had some of the greatest bosses in the history of supervisory positions and I have no idea how I got to be so lucky. 


Riddles of the Sphinx pt 1


Riddles of the Sphinx pt 1


We Heart It の Lovisaa ~

Watching the opening credits for SNL and missing NYC a little…

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Douglas Heubler: During a ten-minute period of time a number of mannequins were photographed through the windows of clothing stores on Oxford Street. The artist allowed no more than ten seconds to pass before taking a photograph of a passerby whom, he felt, more than any other person seen during that time, most closely resembled the mannequin, thereby juxtaposing one mode of reality with another.


“The novel’s takeaway, for me, is a don’t-look-back realization most teenagers have, at some point, wherein they recognize that everything they thought was the best—or the most important, or the worst thing ever—was actually mundane, trivial. That’s a sobering feeling, even when it comes to the vagaries of young love, the ache that feels like a hole in the stomach.”

J. C. Gabel on remembering Alain-Fournier’s Le Grand Meaulnes on the centenary of its author’s death.

Living with my mom and sister is driving me crazy. Like, I’m furious half the time and I can hardly stand this anymore, crazy.


Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show. 8.2.14.

I can’t wait until I’m financially stable enough to get my next horse. I have his name picked out (still working on a show name though) and can envision the lazy bareback cool down rides and the routine fights with dewormer paste and everything. 

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